These conferences are explosions of enthusiasm.
They have become the meeting place for people who want to build large scale systems
that never stop.
Joe Armstrong (Erlang co-inventor)

Erlang Factory San Francisco Bay Area 2015

Conference: 26-27 March; Training: 23-25 March and 30 March-1 April

Come meet inventor of Smalltalk and Turing Award Winner Alan Kay, Elixir Creator José Valim, Erlang inventors Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding and Mike Williams, Haskell and QuickCheck co-inventor John Hughes, "Seven Languages in Seven weeks" author Bruce Tate, O’Reilly Author Simon Thompson, creator of the Parallella board Andreas Olofsson and many more!




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Stockholm Erlang User Conference 2015 

The Erlang User Conference is coming back to Stockholm for the 21st time! Join us for a day of tutorials on 10 June and a two-day Conference on 11-12 June.

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