These conferences are explosions of enthusiasm.
They have become the meeting place for people who want to build large scale systems
that never stop.
Joe Armstrong (Erlang co-inventor)

Erlang User Conference 2016

Join us for a day of tutorials on 7 September and a two-day Conference on 8-9 September. This year we have also prepared very many training courses, check them out here. The Early Bird registration is open until 17 August, 11.59am CEST.

NEWS: The keynotes will be delivered by Simon Peyton Jones and Fred Hebert! There will be a fireside chat hosted by Garrett Smith with Jane Walerud and the Erlang co-inventors Mike, Joe and Robert.

Check out all the speakers here.

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México City Erlang Factory Lite 2016

The Erlang Factory Lite in México City last year was a blast! Join us for the second edition on 29 October 2016 and help us make history again. The Call for Talks is now open, the dealine is 15 September, 23.59 CDT.

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