These conferences are explosions of enthusiasm.
They have become the meeting place for people who want to build large scale systems
that never stop.
Joe Armstrong (Erlang co-inventor)

Dublin Erlang Factory Lite 2015

Join us for a 'Practical Cryptography in Erlang' tutorial with Erlang co-inventor Joe Armstrong and for an evening full of Erlang on 11 September. 

Dublin EFL is organised in conjuction with the Kats Conference on 12 September, do check them out!

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México City Erlang Factory Lite 2015

The Erlang Factory Lite comes to México City on 10 October! Join us for a full day of talks and a keynote by Elixir's creator José Valim!

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Berlin Erlang Factory Lite 2015

Join us for a full day of Erlang and Elixir talks on 1 Dec, as well as for 3 days of training on 2-4 Dec. The call for talks is open until 10 October, but the sooner you submit, the higher your chances.

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