Astroid game

Roni Levin

Rain of astroids is falling down. There are some “spaceships”, each controlled by a different user. The spaceship can move in any direction and has a least two different types of weapons. An astroid that is “hit”, splits to two smaller astroids (down to a predefined number of steps). Destroying one of the “child astroids” destroys the whole family. There are two graphical servers (each on different computer), each controlling half of the game “zone”. Each user uses a different physical computer.


My name is Roni Levin, I’m currently finishing my fourth year as a student at the department of Communication System Engineering at Ben-Gurion University. 

At my free time I enjoy sports, especially tennis, reading and outdoors trips.

Twitter account: @RoniLevin3 

GitHub account: RoniLevin 

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