Diabolic Database Design

Heinz Gies
Cloud Shepherd

The kind of talk your parents warned you about, we'll be lying, we'll be cheating, we'll take all the immoral shortcuts we can find and get high on numbers (and probably get very close to slaughtering some cute kittens). At the end we'll see how fast an Erlang metrics database can be and what sins were committed in the process.

Talk objectives:

- Have fun, talk about performance, how architecture wins every day, look at some really bad erlang code.

Target audience:

- Everyone who likes metrics, odd code, interesting tricks and performance.


Heinz started his career in the Telco industry. Ending up as a Senior Engineer for Nokia Siemens Networks before venturing on it’s own. With a love for interesting technologies like Solaris or Erlang he started to make a living out of that passion. Now he works as a freelancer building and supporting the Project-FiFo cloud orchestration suite.

GitHub: Licenser

Twitter: @heinz_gies

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