BEAM all the things

Dave Cottlehuber
Pro Ops Yak Herder. Polyglot Open Sourcerer.

At iwantmyname we are migrating a complex perl app to a mix of Erlang/OTP and Elixir. This talk explains how we design & operate our system to be both loosely coupled and reasonably redundant, both at the application layer, and also at the infrastructure layer. You'll see how we deploy and manage production BEAM code, learn about designing real-world OTP applications, & have a whirlwind tour of monitoring and managing it in production with open source tools.

Talk Objectives

Help people to understand how to deploy & manage Erlang & Elixir to production, architecting both infrastructure and OTP for reliability.

Talk Audience



Polyglot Open Sourcerer. Apache CouchDB committer. Pro Ops Yak Herder. Erlang VM Evangelist. Ex-manager.Telemark Skier. Cooks & eats Pies.

GitHub: dch

Twitter: @dch__

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