Process Data Streams Efficiently in Elixir

Iuri Fernandes Queiroz
Lover of Elixir and many other languages

Have you imagined using a technology being capable of maintaining a ton of simultaneous network connections? Well, you must have heard of the BEAM. By running on the BEAM and taking advantage of OTP, Erlang and Elixir are excellent choices for highly concurrent applications. However, until recently, Elixir didn't provide a generic way to process a possibly infinite data stream concurrently.

In this talk you will learn about the recent development on tools so Elixir can handle this kind of problem in a simple, efficient and elegant way. We will see how to use GenStage and Flow and other default OTP abstractions to build a real life application.

Talk objectives

The main objective is to show in a clear and accessible way all the potential that GenStage and Flow have to ease real-time processing of data with Elixir.

Target audience

Elixir enthusiasts, BEAMers interested in new tools to improve their workflow.


I am a Brazilian wandering in Europe for the last three years :) I have been working professionally for four years with Ruby, Java and other languages. For the last two years I have been using Elixir in side projects and open-source projects. 

GitHub: iurifq

Twitter: @iurifq

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