Gossip protocols, Epidemic Broadcast and Eventual Consistency in practice

Mariano Guerra
Technology wanderer, distributed system and programming language developer wannabe

We will explore what Gossip protocols, Epidemic Broadcast, Vector Clocks and Eventual Consistency are by using Erlang's tracing facilities to trace and understand Riak Core's broadcast implementation.

Talk objectives

Show how concepts that seem academia-only have practical uses in industry and are available to users via Riak Core. Connect papers to Erlang code to allow programmers interested in the topic to explore the topic in a more practical way.

Target audience

Developers interested in distributed systems and/or riak_core.


Mariano is an Argentinian Software Engineer. Python, Javascript, Clojure and Erlang programmer who worked in HPC and R&D fields.

Creator and maintainer of efene (a programming language for the Erlang VM), Co Founder of Event Fabric, an application to integrate, manipulate, understand and visualize data from multiple sources in real time from your web browser.

GitHub: marianoguerra

Twitter: @warianoguerra

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