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Ole Michaelis
Working @Jimdo, curator of @socodedconf and @slidrio. Passionate Software Engineer. I ❤️ elixir, ruby, node, metrics, NoSQL and all bleeding edge stuff

We run the Elixir User group Hamburg, and we didn't run it the usual way. We want to share our ideas on how we are running our user group, like regular hands-on, socials and not too many regular talks. In order to have more people interested in Elixir.

Talk objectives

We want attendees to walk away ignited and inspire to run or participate in their local communities so we can make our language more popular

Target audience



Ole Michaelis is the co-founder of SoCoded, a hackfest and web development conference in Hamburg. He’s a Software Engineer at Jimdo, a DIY website creator, where he focuses on backend development. In his free time, he’s building, a hazzle-free slide sharing platform. Ole is passionate about open source software, enjoys traveling, and loves Mexican food. He classifies himself as a ‘bad’ German as he dislikes beer and soccer – the traditional German past-times.

GitHub: nesQuick

Twitter: @CodeStars

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