Barrel. Using Erlang to build a Database

Benoit Chesneau
Web Craftsman @ Enki Multimedia

Barrel ( is a modern document-oriented database in Erlang focusing on data locality (put/match the data next to you) and P2P with an effort to maintain a compatibility with the Apache CouchDB API.

In this talk, I will begin with an overview of Barrel, covering the problems that it is intended to solve and how its data model, transaction model, query model, and deployment model work together to solve those problems. I will then use Barrel to illustrate how to design and implement a production software in Erlang. Key points include:

- The pragmatic adoption of Erlang, which patterns to use
- The usage of C (and nifs) where it's critical
- The importance of metrics


Benoît Chesneau is a internet craftsman, living near Paris. He has years of experience in building small and big-scale database backend websites. He is the founder of a company building innovative web services and open-source applications. Benoît Chesneau is also the founder of the Barrel projects, the author of Gunicorn and multiple other opensource projects in Python and Erlang.

GitHub: benoitc

Twitter: @benoitc

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