Elixir Workshop

Yuri Leikind
Co-founder of the Belgian Elixir Study Group

Trainer: Yuri Leikind & Xavier Defrang

Duration: Two hours

Target Audience: Software developers of any level


- Comfortable programming in any programming language. Erlang or functional programming experience is helpful.

- A laptop with Elixir, Git, and your favourite editor pre-installed. Please refer to this page http://elixir-lang.org/install.html  for Elixir installation instructions.

Course Contents:

- Sequential Elixir

- Project management with mix

- Concurrency primitives in Erlang

Yuri Leikind is a software developer and a programming languages geek since the days of GW-Basic. He is fascinated by the concurrency model of Erlang but secretly wishes to write big programs for the Erlang platform in an ML-like language some day. He co-founded the Belgian Elixir Study Group in 2014.

GitHub: leikind

Twitter: @less_software

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