Building Web Scale Apps with Nitrogen

Jesse Gumm
Project lead of Nitrogen Web Framework

You will learn how to build an effective and interactive application in Erlang with Nitrogen. You will learn how the unique combination of Nitrogen’s postback system and its element representation allow you to quickly and intuitively build your application in a manner consistent with common Erlang methodologies. And all this without having to write any Javascript. 

Time permitting, I will talk about the how Nitrogen has impacted the creation of the sports league management system BracketPal.


Jesse wrote his first program in QBASIC for DOS. Now he writes and maintains his flagship product with Nitrogen and Erlang. In open source Erlang, he is the project leader for the web frameworks Nitrogen and ChicagoBoss, and the creator of qdate for date and timezone management. He is also currently co-authoring a book on Nitrogen Web Development.

Twitter: @jessegumm 

GitHub: choptastic 

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