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Torben Hoffmann

Product and Research Manager for Erlang Solutions

Pavlo Baron

Fighter of huge amounts of chaotic data, mostly using computer science

András György Békés

Functional Programming Enthusiast

Richard Cox

Regional Account Manager @ Basho

Mats Cronqvist

Mashing the monolith

Atilla Erdődi

Full Stack Software Engineer

Csaba Hoch

Software Developer @ Erlang Solutions

Dániel Horpácsi

Passionate Researcher, Member of the RefactorErl Project

Piotr Nosek

XMPP Expert and MongooseIM lead Developer

Ábel Sinkovics

Software Engineer, C++ and Erlang Expert

Melinda Toth

Researcher at ELTE and Leader of the RefactorErl Project

Alvaro Videla

Co-author of the RabbitMQ Manning book