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David Almroth

Server side game architect and founder of PikkoTekk

Thomas Arts

Professor and co-founder of QuviQ AB

Tino Breddin

Embedded Erlanger from Dresden

Jakob Cederlund

Senior developer at OTP

Jordi Chacón

Serendipitous Erlang user

Graham Crowe

Using Erlang to Test non-Erlang Products.

Alvaro Fernandez Diaz

Erlang Enthusiast and Ph.D Student at UPM

Bjarne Däcker

Manager of the CSLab at Ericsson - the birthplace of Erlang

David Evans

Agile Services Director, SQS

Rickard Green

OTP Team Member and VM Committer

Mazen Harake

Systems developer and technical consultant at Erlang Solutions

Torben Hoffman

Interface solution architect and Erlang Priest at Motorola since 2006

Zoltán Horváth

Professor and supervisor of RefactorErl

John Hughes

Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year

Raghav Karol

Software engineer at Motorola since 2006. Very happy Erlanger since autumn 2009

Rusty Klophaus

Senior Engineer at Basho Technologies

Tobias Lindahl

Another Erlang enthusiast

Kenneth Lundin

Manager of the Erlang/OTP dev team

Joseph Wayne Norton

Erlang Enthusiast

Samuel Rivas

Erlang Hacker at LambdaStream

Simon Thompson

Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming

Jacoby Thwaites

Inventor, designer and implementer at Google

Tobbe Tornkvist

Enthusiastic Erlang user

Melinda Tóth

Researcher at ELTE and RefactorErl project leader

Robert Virding

Jia Wang

Uncommon tester