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Chris Anderson

CouchDB committer and evangelist

Joe Armstrong

Father of Erlang

Thomas Arts

Professor and co-founder of QuviQ QuviQ AB

Geoff Cant

Erlang hacker at Process One

Richard Carlsson

Father of eunit, edoc and try-catch

Jakob Cederlund

Senior developer at OTP

Francesco Cesarini

Founder Erlang Solutions Ltd and Erlang author

Jason Davies

Freelance Web Developer

Sadek Drobi

Consultant and programming languages Evangelist at Valtech

Bjarne Däcker

Manager of the CSLab at Ericsson - the birthplace of Erlang

Enda Farrell

Software Architect for internet scaling

Kimmo Gläborg

IT-entrepreneur, founder of

Gordon Guthrie

Entrepreneur extraordinaire

Orion Henry

Mad Scientist

John Hughes

Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year

Mark Imbriaco

System Administrator 37signals

Alon Klein

VP of R&D at IXI Mobile

Rusty Klophaus

Creator of the Nitrogen Web Framework

Bhasker V. Kode

Co-Founder & CTO of

William Larson

Jan Lehnardt

CouchDB committer and evangelist

Huiqing Li

Inventor of Wrangler

Adam Lindberg

QuickCheck guru at ETC

Todd Lipcon

Software Engineer, Cloudera

Kenneth Lundin

Manager of the Erlang/OTP dev team

László Lövei

Blake Mizerany

Works with Ruby and Erlang at Heroku

Hunter Morris

Entrepreneur and co-founter of Smarkets

Jim Myhrberg

Geek, web-developer, designer, innovator

Ulf Norell

Jan Henry Nystrom

Call me Henry

Simon Peyton-Jones

Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Alexis Richardson

AMQP Expert and CEO at RabbitMQ

Samuel Rivas

Erlang hacker at Lambda Stream

Mickaël Rémond

Process One co-founder and ejabberd committer

Matthew Sackman

Erlang expert at RabbitMQ

Kostis Sagonas

HiPE compiler writer and tool developer

Lahav Savir

System Engineer and back-end Systems Architect

Michal Slaski

Senior Erlang consultant and software architect

Kevin Smith

Pragmatic Programmer author

Dr. Erik Stenman

Hans Svensson

Proud member of the ProTest project

Don Syme

Designer and co-implementer of F#

Simon Thompson

Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming

Jon Vlachoyiannis

Maniac Scientist, Inventor and software architect

Ulf Wiger

Uber Erlang programmer and CTO

Lennart Öhman

Inventor of OTP design patterns