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Peter Andersson

Developer at Erlang/OTP in a love-hate relationship with Software Testing

Joe Armstrong

Father of Erlang

Thomas Arts

Professor and co-founder of QuviQ AB

Tino Breddin

Embedded Erlanger from Dresden

Laura M. Castro

Erlang enthusiast, researcher and constant learner

Francesco Cesarini

Founder Erlang Solutions and co-author of Erlang Programming

Duncan Coutts

Well-Typed LLP

Sadek Drobi

Consultant and programming languages Evangelist at Valtech

Clara Benac Earle

Ex-Ericsson CS Lab and model checking expert

Emil Eifrem

Founder of Neo4j

Gustav Simonsson, Henrik Nordh, Fredrik Andersson, Fabian Bergström, Niclas Axelsson and Christofer Ferm

Authors of LoPEC

Lars-Ake Fredlund

Erlang researcher and creator of McErlang

Rudolph van Graan

Director, Pattern Matched Technologies and Telecommunications Consultant

Mariano Guerra

A Python programmer in the Erlang world

John Hughes

Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year

Nikos Kakavoulis

CEO/Founder of SocialCaddy

Rusty Klophaus

Senior Engineer at Basho Technologies, Riak committer

Jan Lehnardt

CouchDB committer and evangelist

Huiqing Li

Inventor of Wrangler

Adam Lindberg

Kenneth Lundin

Manager of the Erlang/OTP dev team

Marek Majkowski

Hans Nilsson

Experienced Erlang expert and SIP implementation pioneer

Michael Nordström

Erlang hacker at Klarna

Ulf Norell

QuickCheck expert

Martin Odersky

Inventor of Scala

Panos Papadopoulos

Software Architect at SocialCaddy and web philosopher

Tom Preston-Werner

Cofounder of GitHub and Erlectricity maintainer

Tony Rogvall

Code wrestler

Mickaël Rémond

Process One co-founder and ejabberd committer

Lahav Savir

System Engineer and back-end Systems Architect

Justin Sheehy

CTO of Basho Technologies and Riak commiter

Michal Slaski

Senior Erlang consultant and software architect

Nick Smallbone

Functional programmer and member of the ProTest project - Chalmers University of Technology

Kevin Smith

Riak Commiter at Basho

Erik Stenman

CTO of Klarna

Don Syme

Designer and co-implementer of F#

Dave Thomas

Father of OTI, CEO of Bedarra Corporation

Simon Thompson

Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming

Kresten Krab Thorup

CTO of Trifork and Creator of Erjang

Alvaro Videla

PHP coder by day, Erlang fanboy by night

Robert Virding

Inventor of Erlang and Bluetail co-founder

Jon Vlachoyiannis

CTO SocialCaddy

Daniel Widgren

Erlang hacker at Klarna

Ulf Wiger

Uber Erlang programmer and CTO of Erlang Solutions

Dominic Williams

An Agile voice in the Erlang world

Marc Worrell

David Wragg