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Come Speak at the Moscow Erlang Factory Lite!

Do you have what it takes to lead a conference session or tutorial? Have you made an interesting innovation, open source application or product with Erlang/OTP? Have you used Erlang in a real-world project and want to present a case study? Or have you developed a cool tool and want to give a hands-on tutorial? Tell us about it.

We welcome submissions from developers, system designers, testers, community leaders, inventors, CTOs, evangelists, students, researchers and entrepreneurs alike. Participants at the Erlang Factory want to hear about how Erlang/OTP is used real-world scenarios, talks about tricks, tools and applications which increase productivity or enable developers to write better code.

Please submit original session and tutorial ideas. Ask yourself which track your presentation will best fit into. And who your target audience is. The Erlang Factory is aimed at Erlang Architects, Programmers, Project managers, Software and Platform Innovators, existing Erlang users as well as Erlang newbies; In fact anyone interested in Erlang, concurrent and sequential programming. So both technical and non technical talks are welcome.

Some of the topics we hope to see at the Erlang Factory and Factory Lite conferences include:

  • Erlang and Web Development
  • Tools and Gadgets
  • Erlang and Test Driven Development
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Cool Applications
  • Erlang and Instant Messaging

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