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Chris Anderson

CouchDB committer and evangelist

Joe Armstrong

Father of Erlang

Thomas Arts

Professor and co-founder of QuviQ AB

Yogish Baliga

Scalable Distributed Systems Passionate at Yahoo!

Geoff Cant

Erlang hacker at Electronic Arts

Richard Carlsson

Father of eunit, edoc and try-catch

Francesco Cesarini

Founder Erlang Solutions and co-author of Erlang Programming

Sean Cribbs

Neotoma creator and web developer

Mats Cronqvist

Looking for higher order fun at Klarna

Chad DePue

Entrepreneur and creator of

Sadek Drobi

Consultant and programming languages Evangelist at Valtech

Bjarne Däcker

Manager of the CSLab at Ericsson - the birthplace of Erlang

Scott Lystig Fritchie

Decade-long Erlang addict

Tony Garnock-Jones

Andy Gross

Riak Core Developer, VP Engineering at Basho Technologies

John Hughes

Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year

Rob King

Erlang Enthusiast in DVLabs

Abhay Kumar

Fuzed and Erlectricity committer

Jan Lehnardt

CouchDB committer and evangelist

Adam Lindberg

Todd Lipcon

Software Engineer at Cloudera

Martin Logan

Erlang author and Faxien and Sinan committer

Kenneth Lundin

Manager of the Erlang/OTP dev team

Eric Merritt

Erlang author and Erlware Committer

Jack Moffit

XMPP expert and co-founder of Collecta

Cliff Moon

Dynomite creator and committer

John Muellerleile

Senior Engineer at Basho

Patrik Nyblom

Erlang VM developer and OTP team member

Tom Preston-Werner

Cofounder of GitHub and Erlectricity maintainer

Alexis Richardson

AMQP Expert and CEO at RabbitMQ

Kenji Rikitake

Expert researcher in network security

Mickaël Rémond

Process One co-founder and ejabberd committer

Kevin Smith

Pragmatic Podcast Narrator

Horst Stohrer

Erlang hacker at E*Trade

Kenny Stone

Trading Systems Expert

Hans Svensson

Proud member of the ProTest project

Simon Thompson

Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming

Kresten Krab Thorup

CTO of Trifork and Creator of Erjang

Michael Truog

Creator of CloudI

Steve Vinoski

Yaws committer, REST advocate, and distributed systems expert

Dean Wampler

Scala fanboi and co-author of "Programming Scala"

Ulf Wiger

Uber Erlang programmer and CTO of Erlang Solutions

Joe Williams

Developer at Cloudant and creator of Erlang Memcached client

Mark Zweifel

Functional Programming Vocal Advocate at Yahoo!