Erlang Solutions


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Yurii Rashkovskii

Entrepreneur, Erlang hacker, spontaneous guy

Pavlo Baron

Engineering solutions based on computer systems. And writing books. Lead architetect with codecentric AG

Geoff Cant

Erlang hacker, Senior Engineer on Heroku's Routing Team

Jay Nelson

In the PROCESS of transforming how YOU will code erlang

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

That tall bald Indian guy...

Casey Rosenthal

Consultant Engineer at Basho

Tavis Rudd

A geek who spends too much time *talking* to his computer

Kevin Smith

Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast. Director of Engineering @ Opscode

Ă“mar Kjartan Yasin

Coder, worker. Erlang, JS and Python are his cup of tea.