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Erlang Factory Lite Krakow 2010

02 Dec 2010

Erlang Factory Lite – For a second year running the event proves to be a huge success.

The meeting was devoted to Erlang and its potential. It began with presentations on Erlang usage in popular commercial products. The event kicked off with a talk from Co-inventor of Erlang, Robert Virding, who discussed Erlang rationale and the history of Erlang.

For those of you who are not familiar with Erlang yet, here you can find information about the language in Polish and here in English.

The audience had the opportunity to learn about Erlang and how it deals with the biggest challenges of coming years: 

  • Conquering embedded devices with Erlang
  • Integrating XMPP based communicator with large scale portal
  • The benefits of Riak
  • How a large scale business uses Erlang

Thank you all for coming! We hope to see you again next year and also at the Krakow Erlang User Group meetings, which we organise regularly. In the mean time, enjoy the photos we have taken at the Erlang Factory Lite Krakow 2010:

Erlang User Conference: Call for Talks open until 10 March

The conference will take place on 9-10 June. It will be followed by one day of tutorials on 11 June and 3 days of expert training on 11-13 June. 

We are currently accepting talk submissions for the Erlang User Conference 2014. If you have an interesting project you are working on or would like to share your knowledge, please submit your talk here. The deadline is 10th of March.