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Property-based Testing Tutorial Workshop 2009, Stockholm

13 Nov 2009

In 2007 the ProTest Consortium was established with a financial contribution from the European Commission to help fund the project. This project aims to support industry to maintain 5-nines (99.999%) reliability in future service-oriented networks and systems. Testing of complex systems is extremely difficult and time-consuming. In order to deliver dynamic services and interoperable network applications with guaranteed properties, the project focuses on testing around these properties.

The project will deliver methods and tools to support property-based development of systems.

Property-driven development is a powerful new mechanism for gaining assurance of system reliability and functionality. However, in order to deliver its full benefits we need tools to integrate property-based testing into the development life cycle.

Project Goals

  • develop software engineering approaches to improve reliability of service-oriented networks
  • support fault-finding and diagnosis based on specified properties of the system
  • build automated tools that will generate and run tests, monitor execution at run-time, and log events for analysis.

On Friday 13th November, there was a workshop of tutorials on Property-based testing, conducted as part of the ProTest Project. Presentation slides from the tutorials are now available here .

Erlang User Conference: Call for Talks open until 10 March

The conference will take place on 9-10 June. It will be followed by one day of tutorials on 11 June and 3 days of expert training on 11-13 June. 

We are currently accepting talk submissions for the Erlang User Conference 2014. If you have an interesting project you are working on or would like to share your knowledge, please submit your talk here. The deadline is 10th of March.