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Peter Andersson

Thomas Arts

Professor and co-founder of QuviQ QuviQ AB

Richard Carlsson

Father of eunit, edoc and try-catch

Clara Benac Earle

Ex-Ericsson CS Lab and model checking expert

Atilla Erdodi

Intern at Erlang Solutions from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Lars-Åke Fredlund

Erlang researcher and creator of McErlang

Zoltán Horváth

Supervisor of the RefactorErl project

John Hughes

Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year

Ulf Norell

QuickCheck expert

Nick Smallbone

Functional programmer and member of the ProTest project - Chalmers University of Technology

Hans Svensson

Proud member of the ProTest project

Simon Thompson

Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming

Melinda Toth

Member of the RefactorErl project

Aniko Nagyne Vig

Technical Coordinator, Erlang Solutions London Office