Tour of a Real Time Bidding Exchange

Philip Clarke
Senior Developer at AOL

At AOL, our Real Time Bidding Exchange performs billions of auctions per day. This talk will give an overview of the architecture along with some illustrations on how erlang has given us a solid platform for concurrency and fault tolerance. 

Talk objectives:

- Give the audience an understanding of Real Time Bidding and illustrate the need for a very concurrent and fault tolerant system

Target audience:

- Anyone interested in large scale concurrent systems

Philip has been working at AOL for 3 years as a Senior Erlang Developer.

Before that he worked at Ericsson developing software for mobile telephone systems in Plex and C++. This enabled Philip to become very familiar with the concurrent and fault tolerant problems that Erlang was designed to solve. 

It was only when Philip moved to AOL that he got the opportunity to develop highly concurrent soft real time systems using Erlang.

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