A Nifty Tool to Call Hell from Heaven

Andreas Löscher
Confused C Programmer

The Erlang/OTP system, for better or worse, comes with a native interface that allows execution of C code in Erlang applications in the form of NIFs. However, the translation of C data structures to Erlang ones and vice versa has to be implemented manually. Nifty is an automatic Erlang Native Interface generator that connects Erlang with an existing C library and allows calling its functions. The talk will show how using nifty one can build Erlang modules from regular C header files automatically. If time permits we will also present how we are using nifty in conjunction with PropEr to property-based test C code bases and talk about our experiences so far.


Andreas Löscher got his Diploma degree in Computer science from the University of Technology in Chemnitz. He is now studying towards a PhD degree at Uppsala University, where he is researching how distributed systems can be tested.

GitHub: TheGeorge

Twitter: @_The_George_

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