Tutorial: Deploying and Monitoring Erlang Nodes in the Cloud

Csaba Hoch
Software Developer @ Erlang Solutions

There are many platforms providing cloud services (Amazon, Rackspace, HP Cloud, etc.). Most of them provide their own APIs. The Apache Libcloud project provides a common Python API on the top of these. elibcloud is an open source project which provides a common Erlang API to these cloud services (on the top of Libcloud).

The participants of this tutorial will get to know the basic cloud concepts and try elibcloud: provision virtual machines, configure SSH keys, set up security groups. They can also try out WombatOAM, which is an Erlang Solutions' product that internally uses elibcloud to deploy and manage Erlang nodes in the cloud.

Tutorial objectives:

The goal is to give an understanding of how the cloud computing services (e.g. Amazon EC2) work from the user's perspective, and how they can be abstracted into a common API.

Target audience:

Developers and operators interested in cloud technologies. No prior cloud experience is needed.


Csaba's first experience with Erlang was exploring Erlang QuickCheck and working in the RefactorErl (Erlang refactoring) project. He spent the next 4 years at Ericsson, where he participated in the development of NETSim, which is one of the largest Erlang programs ever written. Among other things, he developed and maintained NETSim's build&test system and gave NETSim user trainings.

At the beginning of 2013, Csaba joined Erlang Solutions. He has been working on WombatOAM, a new tool for monitoring, administrating and deploying Erlang systems. He is also the author of the Vim Erlang indentation and contributed to other vim-erlang projects.

GitHub: hcs42

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