The State of LFE: A Lisp Flavoured Smörgåsbord

Duncan McGreggor
Passion Community Concurrency S-Expressions

In the LFE talk given at Erlang Factory San Francisco 2014, we got up and running with LFE: everything from the basics through use in cloud apps and building RESTful services. We even explored the fringe with GP and HTNs. This talk will provide a brief overview of these but then continue with the latest exciting developments in the language and the community.

Talk objectives:

 - Provide a brief overview of what a Lisp in the 21st century provides.
 - Review several of the more useful/prevalent Lisp forms in LFE.
 - Provide an update on the latest features in LFE and look at the LFE roadmap.
 - Highlight LFE tooling and select projects from the community.
 - Take a tour of the latest BEAM and JVM language interop with LFE.

Target audience:

Intermediate Erlangers or beginning Erlangers with Lisp/Scheme experience.


Having programmed with GOTOs in the 80s, Duncan has made up for it by over 20 years of community service in various open source projects. He has spent most of the past 10 years using async frameworks in languages ranging from Python and Common Lisp to Clojure and Lisp Flavored Erlang. Passionate about the time- and bug-savings provided by functional programming, Duncan is helping to educate new generations of software engineers both at work and at play.




Github: @oubiwann

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