Why The Cool Kids Don't Use Erlang

Garrett Smith

Erlang is ideally suited building scalable, fault tolerant systems with minimal investment. It can be used for any conceivable application - not just telecom. It has a multi-decade track record of success. So why does it remain a niche technology?

To answer this question, Garrett turned to science. He conducted a detailed survey across a wide spectrum of programmers, architects, and managers to gather data on this question. In this talk, Garrett will present his findings and reflect on what they could mean for Erlang and its community.

Erlang adoption is important. It makes your job easier when Erlang is supported by your company and customers. It's easier to grow teams when there are more Erlang programmers. The language itself will improve as it is applied across more domains. If you're interested in this topic - and want data rather than personal opinions - join Garrett in this important discussion.

Talk objectives:

- To present data to better understand how Erlang is used and, more importantly, how and why Erlang is not used.

Target audience:

- Anyone interested in supporting and promoting Erlang adoption, either within their company or within the broader programming community.


Garrett was a software engineer at CloudBees and is responsible for building scalable, er, that is, awesome software! At CloudBees Garrett led the development of the RUN platform-as-a-service that provided reliable, performant application hosting to tens of thousands of customers, which in turn served tens of millions of end-users!

Garrett's weapon of choice for the development of awesome software is Erlang -- a highly concurrent functional programming language that use used by companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Machine Zone to build the world's largest messaging systems. Garrett is an international speaker and instructor. He organizes the Chicago Erlang User Group which sponsors Chicago Erlang - an annual Erlang conference in the heart of the US. He is the author of several Erlang projects including e2, Psycho, and LambdaPad. He is the creator of the satirical videos MongoDB Is Web Scale, Node.js Is Bad Ass Rock Star Tech, and Erlang The Movie II, The Sequel.

Garrett maintains his blog at http://gar1t.com. 

GitHub: gar1t

Twitter: @gar1t

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