Zaark, An Erlang Themed Voyage into VOIP and Messaging

Jan Henry Nyström
Call me Henry

A case study of how Zaark leveraged OSS, and Erlang based solutions in particular to build a VOIP and messaging system Plingm and then went on a completely different vertical to pursue SDK and white label solutions instead. 

Talk objectives:

- To highlight what opportunities the Erlang mix of applications and frameworks provides for start ups to quickly get a product out there

Target audience:

- Anyone interested in a 10'000 feet view of Erlang's advantages to getting a product out there


Jan Henry Nyström took up Erlang as a Ph.D. student at Uppsala University and has not let go.

After a Ph.D. on "Analysing Fault Tolerance for ERLANG Applications" he continued with Erlang research as an research associate at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, in collaboration with Motorola. As a training manager and later senior consultant with Erlang Solutions the Erlang focus continued.

Since then he has worked with for a number of start ups in Stockholm with the current focus being VOIP and messaging with an Erlang theme at ZaarkAB.

Twitter: JanHenryNystrom

Github: JanHenryNystrom

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