STEVE - Performance Testing a $1 Billion SOA

Jonathan Olsson
Beard Wannabe @ Klarna

Producing reliable, reproducible system level performance tests for a complex (and sometimes complicated) financial system consisting of an ever growing set of sub systems is a challenging task. Not only from a data generation perspective, but also from an infrastructure perspective.

This talk will describe the current strategy for system test at Klarna as well as introduce some of the open source components we’re building.

Talk objectives:

This talk aims to give the listener an overview on how Klarna manages to produce reproducible performance, load, and stress testing results as well as an introduction to some tools we’re open sourcing, most notably:

* ponos - named after the greek god of hard labor and toil. A lightweight load generator with minimal configuration requirements, written in Erlang.
* katt (Klarna API Testing Tool) - an HTTP-based API testing tool for Erlang.

Target audience:

- Any Erlang developer with an interest in testing.



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