Powering your Web and Mobile Applications

Jordan Wilberding
Distributed Engineering Nomad, now @ CHEF

Erlang has become a proven language for developing large, distributed systems. This talk will talk about the architecture and design for an Erlang system to power your web and mobile applications. It will focus on a RESTful backend that was written for a mobile application (http://wingmanap.com/) that facilitates orders and payments at bars. The talk will cover coding, hosting, and testing. In the end, I will announce the official open-sourcing of the platform code, so that others may adopt it for their own use.

Talk objectives:

-The overall design of a large Erlang system that handles users and transactions

-A high-level view of the code

-Deploying the software to Heroku

-Strategies for testing the software

-How to take the open-sourced code and adopt it to your needs

Target audience:

-Erlang developers

-Startup founders/developers

-High level architects

The talk will be structured to be interesting from everyone from CEOs to hackers."


Jordan is currently a Ph.D. student at the Information Retrieval Laboratory
at Georgetown University. He focuses on several areas including: mediated
search, large scale data mining, secured indexing, and hardware-optimized

Jordan started his engineering career at Fermi National Accelerator
Laboratory focusing on distributed monitoring and control systems for
the Tevatron particle collider. He also worked on research at MITRE
for exploiting wide area motion imagery and related data to find and
predict real-world anomalous events research, as well as an architecture
for storing and processing 100+ billion geo-spatial tracks. He most
recently worked at Five9 on creating a next-generation, massively
distributed phone center back end.

He also is the co-founder of Erlware and ErlangCamp and now works for
CHEF on developing automation software to orchestrate software on
distributed systems.

Twitter: jlwilberding

Github: jlwilberding

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