Keynote: Composing a Functional Community

Katie Miller
Lambda Ladies Co-Founder and OpenShift Developer Advocate

We know the wonderful benefits of functional programming, but when it comes to sharing the lambda love we often do a poor job. In this presentation, Katie will draw on her experiences as a journalist, workshop instructor, functional programming student and women's group founder to take you back to that time before you knew what jargon such as monad meant, and offer ideas and inspiration for helping people of all kinds and categories along the path to FP enlightenment. Be warned, content may challenge the status quo and your mind: be prepared for code in an unfamiliar syntax.



Katie Miller, also known as codemiller, is a polyglot programmer with a predilection for functional programming. Katie co-founded the Lambda Ladies online community and co-organises the Brisbane Functional Programming Group. The former newspaper journalist works as an OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat and co-authored the new O'Reilly book 'Getting Started with OpenShift: A Guide For Impatient Beginners'. Katie is passionate about coding, open source, software quality, languages of all kinds, and encouraging more girls and women to pursue careers in technology.


Twitter: @codemiller

Github: codemiller

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