The Last REST Client You Will Ever Need

Loïc Hoguin
Cowboy Creator

People never seem to realize that writing a RESTful service -as opposed to a REST-like service like you see everywhere- pretty much lets them avoid writing a client and updating said client when the API changes.

This is what this talk is about.

We will start by discussing REST a little, summarize what really matters at the API level, and discuss how we can end up writing a single generic client that will work across all versions of all our REST services.

At the end of the talk I will present a series of tools and guidelines that make all this not only possible but also very easy, including the last REST client that you will ever need.

Talk objectives:

Be happy!
Learn things!
Use tools!
Work less!
Get some REST!

Target audience:

Everyone who does Web development must see this talk. Everyone who doesn't do Web development yet but likes being lazy should also see it.



Author of the Cowboy web server, Ranch, Gun web client, build tool, The Erlanger Playbook and more. Founder of the Nine Nines open source Erlang company. Loves Erlang, games, cycling and sunny seaside.

GitHub: essen

Twitter: @lhoguin

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