Memory Allocators in the VM, Memory Management: Battle Stories

Lukas Larsson
Erlang VM Developer

When working with garbage collected languages such as Erlang, memory is not something you think about until it becomes a problem. This presentation will attempt to explain how the Erlang VM does memory management and give a couple of real world examples of how tuning the Erlang VM memory allocators increased memory efficiency.

Talk objectives:

Give the audience a basic understanding of how Erlang memory management works and provide some examples of how to tune memory allocator. 

Target audience:

Advanced Erlang users that want to be able to diagnose and correct memory issues in large Erlang systems.


Lukas first came in contact with Erlang 2004 while studying in Göteborg. He has been working with Erlang at Erlang Solutions for about 10 years in many different industries. For the last 5 years he's been a consultant with the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson AB, mainly working on the development of the Erlang VM.

GitHub: garazdawi

Twitter: @garazdawi

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