Property-based Testing for Non-functional Requirements

Macías López
Galician Erlanger

This talk is a demonstration of how to test your Erlang systems for non-functional (or, as some we rather call them, extra-functional) properties such as responsiveness, using property-based testing.

Talk objectives:

Property-based testing is an already known testing methodology for the Erlang community, with tools such as QuickCheck and PropEr being highly popular among Erlang developers in the last few years. However, they are commonly used for functional testing... Which are the challenges in using them for testing non-functional properties of software?

Target audience:

Erlang developers interested in testing methods and tools.


"Macías is a PhD student at the MADS Research Group of the University of La Coruña (Spain). He joined the research group in 2010 and since then he has been working on several of the most prominent software development projects in which the group collaborates with the local industry. For instance, Macías has participated in the development of a distributed system for advertisement transmission to on-customer-home set-top boxes (STBs) over a Digital TV network, which core language was Erlang/OTP. His research interests moved to software testing activities after discovering the power of property-based testing tools. Today, he is involved in the FP7 project PROWESS, and focuses his PhD thesis on testing non-functional requirements of distributed and concurrent systems."

Github: maciaslopez

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