Tutorial: QuickCheck - Let a Computer do your Testing

Thomas Arts
Co-Founder and CTO @ Quviq

This tutorial is about the QuickCheck tool. QuickCheck automates your testing by generating test cases for you, running them, analyzing them and presenting you short and understandable failing test cases in case your software contains an error.

Tutorial objectives:

- After this tutorial you will know the basics of using QuickCheck and you will be able to understand and create simple QuickCheck specifications from which test cases are automatically generated.

Target audience:

- Erlang developers


Thomas Arts, co-founder and CTO of Quviq, has worked at Ericsson's computer Science Lab in the nineties. Together with Joe Armstrong, Simon Marlow and Phil Wadler, he tried to build a type system for Erlang. That being of little practical use, he later worked on verification tools for Erlang. After a short return to academia as professor at Chalmers, he is now fully devoted to amazing testing tools.

GitHub: Quviq

Twitter: @quviq

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