Mostly Erlang - Live Podcast on VM - Panel Debate
Using Logic Programming Tools to Drive Property-based Testing

Zachary Kessin
I Do Erlang Social Media

On MostlyErlang live we will be talking about the Erlang VM (Beam) and what makes it unique as well as what is similar to other Virtual Machines like Java and the .net CLR. We will also take questions about it.


PBT with tools like QuickCheck and Proper are quite powerful, but building the models to test against is still probably the hardest part. I aim to use a Logic Programming tool (Kanrem or Prolog) to create the model and validate the results.

Talk objectives:

To show how to use the powerful tools of logic programming and to how to build models to test Erlang code.

Target audience:

This will appeal to those who really enjoy programming languages and new tools.


Host Mostly Erlang Podcast, author of a few books general loud mouth

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