Tutorial: Elixir (8h)
Things that Matter

Bruce Tate
CTO, icanmakeitbetter.com

Elixir is a new language on the Erlang VM with strong extensibility through polymorphism and meta-programming.

The tutorial will teach the basics of Elixir and how to build and manage your project with the Mix build tool. A long the way we will test the project with the ShouldI DSL.

Prerequisite knowledge:

Comfortable programming in another programming language. Erlang or functional programming experience is helpful.

This tutorial will cover:

 - Basics of Elixir

 - Using the Mix build tool

 - Testing in Elixir

 - Using DSLs

This tutorial will be delivered by Bruce Tate and Eric Meadows-Jönsson.

Languages succeed for a reason. Their designers make key decisions at the right time, in the right circumstances. In this talk, you'll learn about the key factors contributing to the success of the most important languages of our time. More critically, you'll learn to spot successful languages as they evolve, giving yourself and your company a critical advantage as you adopt new technologies. 


Bruce Tate is a kayaker, author, father of two from Austin, Texas. The CTO for icanmakeitbetter.com is using Elixir to deliver fast, scalable applications.

GitHub: batate

Twitter: @redrapids

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