From Concept to Reality: Solving Enterprise Challenges

Jawad Yaqub
Solution Architect @ Basho

Basho Technologies has a long history in building and deploying Erlang applications at enterprise scale. This talk presents an overview of ongoing, internal development of updates and extensions to the Riak platform. It provides an overview of the design and implementation of a highly complex Erlang deployment including multiple high level components that range from synchronization subsystems to service management and more.

Talk objectives:

- Briefly survey the challenges faced when implementing new code alongside existing systems
- Profile the system design, and architectural implementation of a complex erlang application
- Understand the tradeoffs and design decisions inherent in creating complex service frameworks

Target audience:

Erlang/Elixir developers of all skill levels who are interested in the architecture, design, and deployment of enterprise erlang applications including walkthroughs of portions of relevant code, where appropriate.


An Enterprise Architect and enthusiastic developer, with over 15 years of Architecture experience from complex distributed and high performance enterprise projects at the likes of Akamai (first and most senior architect in EMEA), Telegraph Media Group, UBS, BSkyB, Financial Times, O2 (lead architect for the iphone launch platform). His recent focus on decentralized architecture and blockchain technology complements a history of building massively concurrent low-latency enterprise platform for financial services and mission critical applications. He has done a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and was voted Time’s Man of the Year in 2006.

GitHub: jyaqub

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