Under the Hood: Engineering at William Hill

Peter Morgan
Head of Engineering at William Hill

Take a peek at some of the R&D that we are doing at William Hill to cope with 464 bets per second, 5,000,000 price changes and 160TB of data passing daily through our networks on a system that is available 24x7.

Talk objectives:

- Discussion of the high level architecture used to build these systems.

- Apache Kafka as the firehose.

- Connecting and scaling systems with Docker.

- Dashboards with Elastic Search and Kibana.

- A demo or two.

Target audience:

- People interested in systems with demanding non-functional requirements.


Peter is responsible for all development projects at William Hill and has been a strong adopter of distributed architecture, including NoSQL Riak database. Previously, Peter was co-founder and lead Java programmer of jcoverage which subsequently morphed into cobertura and co-founder at EJBHome, acquired by IONA technologies.

GitHub: shortishly

Twitter: @shortishly

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