Tutorial: Let's PaRTE! -- How to use the ParaPhrase Refactoring Tool

Tamás Kozsik

The ParaPhrase Refactoring Tool for Erlang (PaRTE) provides automatic, comprehensive and reliable pattern candidate discovery to locate parallelisable components in Erlang programs. It uses semi-automatic and semantics-preserving program transformations to reshape source code and to introduce high level parallel patterns that can be mapped adaptively to the available hardware resources. 

This tutorial will demonstrate the main PaRTE tools and presents parallel speedups can be obtained.

Talk objectives: Introduce the pattern discovery and refactorings of PaRTE.

Target audience:  Anyone interested in tools for support program development and maintenance.

Tamás Kozsik is associate professor at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary). His fields of research are programming languages and methodology, program analysis and transformations, and parallel/distributed computing.

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