Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Elixir Core Team Member

Hex is the package manager for the Erlang ecosystem. It has support in the major build tools and languages; Rebar3, erlang.mk and Elixir. Its adoption is growing steadily, now with over a million weekly downloads.

This talk will discuss 4 topics around Hex and package managers. The community aspect; why Hex can be more than a code delivery tool and promote good practices in the community. Security; the current security features of Hex and what can be improved in the future such as user-signed packages and probably an append-only repository. The architecture; how Hex is built up, the specifications, how Hex runs and what it runs on. The future; what are the future plans for Hex.

Eric Meadows-Jönsson is part of the team behind the Elixir programming language and has created many open source projects in Elixir, including Hex, a package manager and Ecto, a language integrated query for Elixir. He graduated from Computer Science at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and is now an Elixir developer at icanmakeitbetter.com. Eric has a passion for open source development and programming with a focus on functional programming and the Erlang ecosystem.

GitHub: ericmj

Twitter: @emjii

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