Erly Marsh - a Model-Based Testing Tool

Johan Blom
Developer Interested in Delivering as Intended

Erly Marsh is concerned with Model-Based Testing, which is an approach to make testing more systematic. The general idea in Model-Based Testing is to start from a formal model, which captures the intended behaviour of the software system to be tested. On the basis of this model, test cases can be automatically generated in a systematic way. Further, by the use of coverage criteria, Erly Marsh is able to quantify to which degree test cases exercise the tested software.

Talk objectives:

Motivation and a basic understanding of what can be accomplished with Erly Marsh.

Target audience:

Developers, Testers and System Managers interested in verifying requirements to be implemented as intended.


Long-term Erlang developer (since 1992) that previously was actively involved in WAP and Location standardisation. Co-founder of Mobile Arts, a company in the telecom business that has been using Erlang for all product development since the very beginning. Recently finished my PhD thesis on Model-Based testing, based to a large degree on my experience testing Mobile Arts products.

GitHub: joh-blo

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