MongooseIM - Messaging for Mobile

Ludwik Bukowski
Junior Developer @ Erlang Solutions

In this talk, we present the latest step on our road to the MongooseIM 2.0.0 release. MongooseIM is one of most scalable XMPP servers out there and the latest release has a strong mobile focus. We added support for several XEPs and we created our own open extensions to the XMPP protocol developed as solutions to customer problems.

We discuss the innovative extension for contemporary and simpler group chats. For over 2 years now we noticed that mobile-first and mobile-only approaches in application development are the most popular. For the majority of our customers the current group chat described in XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat was too big and too focused on presence, so they had to invent workarounds. This is why we came up with a simpler, presence-less version of MUC: "MUC light”.
We also discuss a new Publish Subscribe module for real-time non-chat applications and other changes and improvements like parallelized tests.

GitHub: ludwikbukowski

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