Erlesy - Visualizing OTP State Machines

Paweł Antemijczuk
QuickCheck Expert at Motorola Solutions

Erlesy is an open source tool developed to fill the specific problem of helping non-Erlang developers or architects in reviewing finite state machines developed in Erlang OTP.  The tool converts gen_fsm modules into a generic graphical form to be used as an alternative to reading Erlang code. 

Talk objectives:

The goal of this talk is to present our experiences of modeling Erlang FSMs in Motorola Solutions and the problems it presented which lead to the development of Erlesy. We hope introducing Erlesy to the general Erlang community will spark interest in the tool, and/or in modeling Erlang code and receiving feedback which can be used as input to the next phase of Erlesy development.

Target audience:

Erlang OTP developers who develop complex gen_fsm machines and would like the ability to review such machine development with customers, architects or anyone who cannot read Erlang OTP code.


Pawel has been an Erlanger since he started working in Motorola Solutions Denmark in 2012 and had multiple responsibilities including testing, developing and deployment. He has written his Master Thesis at Technical University of Denmark about performance testing using QuickCheck. Originally Polish, he has lived in Denmark since 2011.

GitHub: haljin

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