Targeted Property-Based Testing

Kostis Sagonas
Creator of PropEr, CutEr and Concuerror

We introduce targeted property-based testing, an enhanced form of property-based testing that aims to make the input generation component of a property-based testing tool guided by a search strategy rather than being completely random. Thus, this testing technique combines the advantages of both search-based and property-based testing. We demonstrate the technique with the framework we have built, called Target, and show its effectiveness on three case studies. The first of them demonstrates how Target can employ simulated annealing to generate sensor network topologies that form configurations with high energy consumption. The second case study shows how the generation of routing trees for a wireless network equipped with directional antennas can be guided to fulfil different energy metrics. The third case study employs Target to test the noninterference property of information-low control abstract machine designs, and compares it with a sophisticated hand-written generator for programs of these abstract machines.

Kostis Sagonas is an academic who has been heavily involved in the development of Erlang and its implementation since 1999. At Uppsala University, he led the development team of the HiPE native code compiler that nowadays is part of Erlang/OTP. Together with his students, first at Uppsala University and more recently at the National Technical University of Athens, he has proposed various changes and additions to the language (most notably: bit-level pattern matching and bit-stream comprehensions, and the language of type and spec declarations) and has contributed to its compiler and runtime system. Besides HiPE, he has designed and implemented software development tools for Erlang (dialyzer, typer, tidier, proper, ...) and has contributed bug fixes to many open-source Erlang projects.


GitHub: kostis

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