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Peter Saxton
Senior Engineer at Curl

Elixir is a powerful tool. In just 15 minutes you can have an acceptable chat application. Here endeth the blog post, but wait you have more questions.

How do you deploy your application? Is Docker necessary, or even useful? What about service discovery, secrets, load balancing and other cloud flavoured issues.

Let's take that chat application and make it scalable, fault-tolerant and available. Using concrete examples I will provide solutions to all these questions and maybe even more.


Working with Elixir everyday at Curl and loving it. Also acquainted with Scala, Python, Ruby and JavaScript.

A regular participant in hacknights and meet-ups in London, I am always learning something new. Recently I have written and presented on the topic of Domain Driven Design. Up next I am exploring how well Docker and Elixir play together.

GitHub: chingventures

Twitter: @CrowdHailer

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