Poorman's gen_server

Hernán Rivas Acosta
Erlang Programmer and Fan since 2006

In this talk we'll walk through the story of a common pattern that emerges with new erlang devs. We start by writing a simple process with a tail recursive function to handle events and show how adding complexity to deal with different edge cases gives you a poorly implemented gen_server and how you should just embrace OTP.

Talk objectives:

- Show the advantages of OTP by noting what features it implements.

Target audience:

- Newcommers


Videogame programmer turned Erlanger after making a game server with Erlang and falling in love with functional programming.

Hernán is currently working at Inaka as a developer and his hobbies include dialyzing Erlang by hand and complaining about technology.

GitHub: hernanrivasacosta

Twitter: @HernanInaka

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