Using a Raspberry Pi to run your Phoenix App

Ricardo Echavarria
Co-Founder of Piñata Softique

Elixir is a great and performant language. This makes a device with 4 cores and 1gb of RAM a pretty decent server. But what is the best way to deploy to a Raspberry PI? I’ll look into different ways of doing it. Going from the manual setup and compile Elixir. Use a service like Resin.IO and Docker. Adding continuous integration and  automatic deployments with SemaphoreCI.

Finally I’ll show a different approach using automatic deployments using exrm. 

In all these approaches there are difficulties that arise so for each of them I'll take a look at what can go wrong and give a small guide of how to do it. 

Then I'll compare all of the methods of deployment, difficulties and the performance.

Talk objectives:

- Compare different deployment approaches to deploy a Phoenix application to a Raspberry Pi.

Target audience:

- Beginner to Intermediate Developers curious about Elixir and Raspberry Pi.


Ruby on Rails developer working at Nearsoft that loves programming and agile methodologies. Former consultant developer at ThoughtWorks, cofounder of Piñata Software a Web Development Agency based in Chihuahua, Mexico.

GitHub: r-icarus

Twitter: @r_icarus

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