The Hover: Software for building mobile and web apps

Jorge Garrido
CTO and Erlanger

The Hover is a a framework for NoSQL databases that can map objects, attributes, relationships into a database exposed using a RESTful API, using tools to control the data flow and ensuring ACID properties of the data.

Jorge is developing high availability, fault tolerance, clusterizable, distributed, real-time, multicore and scalable systems. He is creating software for embedding erlang on different linux architectures and interacting with external devices as NFC and/or Fingerprint. Working with NoSQL databases (Riak & Mnesia) for data processing & engine searches. Modeling and building API's for data access layer. Recently Jorge is working with XMPP over Erlang and Python, and Eunit Tests for Erlang systems. 

GitHub: zgbjgg

Twitter: @zgbjgg

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