Delivering Phoenix App from Scratch to Production in 15 Minutes with Heroku

Misael Pérez
Delivering on Time

Provide a very explained step by step guide to deploy a Phoenix app, in Heroku over https.

Talk objectives:

- Deploy a complete Phoenix app, with web Services, Postgres Data Base connection, and web templates.

Target audience:

- The talk its aimed to people who want to start creating and deploying phoenix applications.

Desarrollador en tecnologías móviles iOS y Android, Go para clientes desktop y Elixir para backend. Apasionado de la tecnología, siempre buscando compartir el conocimiento para elevar el nivel técnico de amigos y colaboradores.

Elixir and Erlang back end developer. iOS and Android developer. Misael likes to share knowledge and would like to make Erlang great again!

GitHub: misaelpc

Twitter: @misaelpc

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