Raspberry Pi Cluster with the Power of Elixir

Ricardo Echavarria
Ruby and Elixir Developer

Elixir is an elegant and powerful language. This makes the Raspberry Pi a usable server for Elixir Applications. What would happen if we had a cluster of Raspberry Pi devices? Can Elixir and OTP help with the distribution of the application? What would you do with a 16 core and 4 GB of RAM machine? 

I’ll explore different techniques to deploy to a Raspberry Pi Cluster and how we can use the Elixir processes to balance the load between the devices.

Talk objectives:

- Compare different deployment approaches to deploy an Elixir application to a Raspberry Pi Cluster

Target audience:

- Beginner to Intermediate Developers curious about Elixir

Ruby on Rails developer working at Nearsoft that loves programming and agile methodologies. Former consultant developer at ThoughtWorks, cofounder of Piñata Software a Web Development Agency based in Chihuahua, Mexico.

GitHub: r-icarus

Twitter: @r_icarus

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