Panel debate: Virtual Machines: BEAM, V8, GO, MRI, .NET and Java

Veronica López
Physicist turned Computer Scientist. Software Engineer. Go and Android Developer

José Carlos (Xiam) will host a panel with Veronica López (@Maria_Fibonacci), David Padilla (@dabit), Jeduan Cornejo (@jeduan), Sergio Acosta (@scasware), Raúl Guerrero, (@jrwarrior), Enrique Zamudio (@chochosmx) and Norberto Ortigoza (@hiphoox).

They will talk about some of the most important virtual machines and runtimes in the industry. They will discuss about their architecture, design, limitations and difference between them.

You will be able to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of each of them and in which areas they are the best.

Verónica is a Software Engineer with experience in mobile and back end technologies. She has worked in a wide range of areas, from fashion to government, and projects with high levels of concurrency. Her favorite tools for work are Android and Go (she has given a few talks about it in conferences such as dotGo 

Twitter: @Maria_Fibonacci

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